Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Oh, Miss Cherisa!! One of my fave girls! She is so sweet and totally prepared to freeze her butt off for the sake of art! These pics are for my Etsy shop where I sell bracelets, reconstructed t-shirts and photo prints!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Shirts by ME! First Shoot :)

I advertised on my Facebook that I needed some girls to model some shirts that I reconstructed into super cute edgy tees thatI am putting up for sale, and I was lucky enough to have so many beyootiful girls volunteer to do it for me!!
On this day, I shot Tawnie, Taylor, Aimee and Cherisa. We had a blast even tho we were all pretty cold! They were all perfect models for my shirts that I made!! They will be on sale on my Etsy page for anyone who is interested in purchasing one!
There will be more shoots and more shirts every few weeks! So if you are interested in modeling, (you get to keep the pics for $15 bucks, if you want them! That's a steal!) or if you are interested in seeing the new shirts, please don't hesitate on contacting me!

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