Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Meriel Senior Pics!

I just could not choose a few of these pics from the beyootimus Meriel's senior shoot!! So, I know there are a ton of pics on here, but I just felt like I couldn't leave most of em out!!
She is super adorable, fun and we had a great time! She brought her sister and her friend and we had a great time discovering new things at the Aztec Ruins ♥ Who would've thought you could learn so much while doing a senior shoot!? hehe! Thanks Meriel for an awesome shoot!

Thursday, December 2, 2010


This is my brother in law, Joseph!! It was a little cold, it was a little bit late, but we still managed to find some super cool spots to take some pretty awesome pics!! We went underneath a bridge, and thankfully, did not find any shady characters underneath to scare us away!! It was a lot of fun and I am SO proud of how these pics came out!! It's not everyday I get to shoot a mo-hawked (oops...I mean JOE-hawk!) rocker underneath a scary bridge! haha Thanks Joe it was a lot of fun!!

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